Services we provide:

Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation for Individuals and Small Businesses
Income taxes can be daunting, especially with constantly changing tax laws and new tax reform. Effective preparation helps minimize future liability, whether for your personal finances or your small business.

Income Tax Consulting
Understanding how to manage local, federal, and foreign taxes, including income, property, or employment taxes, is an enormous undertaking for any business owner. Donna J. Perrone, EA is your trusted business partner and advisor. She will assess current and proposed situations and give you the information needed to make the best decisions for the future of your business or family.

Amended Tax Returns
Unfiled Tax Returns
Estimated Tax Payment Calculations
Refund Checks within 8-14 Days with all Fees Withheld
Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Sales Tax Filings
Personal Property Declarations
Annual 1099 filings
Notary Public


Clergy Tax Preparation
Clergy returns can be challenging to prepare due to unique rules pertaining only to members of the clergy. Clergy tax returns are one of Donna’s specialties, and she has years of experience and a strong understanding of the tax code as it applies to religious and spiritual leaders.

Taxpayer Representation

Representation Before the IRS
As a National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) Fellow, Donna J. Perrone, EA has expertise in representation before the IRS and State taxing authorities. She can professionally assist you in responding to notices, audits, requests for penalty abatement, or innocent spouse relief. Donna can also help with seeking payment alternatives, such as establishing installment agreements and offers in compromise (OIC).

Power of Attorney
Signing Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, allows Donna to act as your agent with the IRS in receiving confidential tax information. As your Power of Attorney, Donna can also perform acts that you are able to do, such as signing an agreement with the IRS for specific situations, and even signing your tax return in limited situations.

Audit Representation
Audits include correspondence or mail-in audits, office audits, where you must appear at an IRS location, or field audits, where an IRS agent shows up unannounced at your home. When you are subject to an audit, you want a seasoned professional, with years of experience dealing with the IRS who knows what – and what NOT – to say. Donna J. Perrone will carefully examine your records and provide the IRS with only the necessary information, ensuring your audit goes smoothly.

Penalty Abatement and Resolution
Extenuating circumstances may prevent you from fulfilling your tax obligations in full, and penalties can increase your already outstanding bill. You may qualify for reasonable cause or first-time penalty abatement if you have made a good faith effort to comply. Let Donna J. Perrone help you to receive relief from mounting fees due to nonpayment. She will thoroughly examine your records and work with the IRS to explain your circumstances and the specific facts of your situation.

Installment Agreements
The IRS may allow you to repay your back taxes in monthly installments with either full or partial payments. Let Donna J. Perrone, EA handle your negotiations with the IRS in reaching an agreement. Establishing an installment agreement can prevent a federal lien against you, and will stop collections actions, including levies and garnishments. Donna will work with you and the IRS to come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Offers in Compromise
When a taxpayer cannot pay the full amount owed to the IRS, or if doing so creates a financial hardship, if qualified, an offer in compromise (OIC) can be requested allowing you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount owed. Donna J. Perrone, EA is a National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) Fellow and has a specialization in these negotiations. You can be confident that she will assess and negotiate with the IRS to clear your debt, and she will ensure that your best interests are represented in the compromise