Happy Client’s testimonials from the 2023 Filing Season

“Many thanks for your kind and prompt attention.  Love your photo!”

“Donna, You are the best!!”

“Thank you for your continued help.  Appreciate you more than I can say.”

“I am so grateful for all your help!”

“Thanks for all your hard work!  You are the best!”

“You are the best!”

“Thank you!  You’re a lot better than the last guy I had!!”

“Thanks so much for all you do! Glad you’re in my life….”

“I’m impressed you were able to get our taxes done before the deadline. Knowing how busy you are and knowing how late we were getting the information to you, you must have been working relentlessly.  Thank you so much for helping us!!! I am more grateful than you know.”

“Just so relieved to have you in my corner, Donna!”

“Thanks for taking care of us, Donna.  It’s very much appreciated. I hope I’m not too needy and annoying!

…..You are busy because you are one of the best in the business, and that is why I always send referrals your way.”

“You are the best!”

“Thank you, Donna. My gratitude to you and Andy for picking up and returning the completed tax returns. So much appreciated.”

“Several years ago, I was fortunate to find your ad in a small church related publication.  That has been a blessing for me, because in my book, you’re the best!  I just want to be sure you know that.”

“Thanks for everything, Donna, I really appreciate your awesome work!”

“We are so grateful that we found Donna Perrone to help us with our IRS tax issue.  We had tried working with the IRS on our own which only caused us anxiety and frustration.  We contacted a tax lawyer to whom we paid a hefty fee, which only resulted in a year of more frustration and no results whatsoever.  After receiving the dreaded “levy your assets and bank accounts” letter from the IRS, we once again contacted another EA from a TV ad …but something felt shady about that.  Thankfully, we did some research and found Donna.  After reading the testimonials on her website, we knew we were in good hands.  Donna was never judgmental of our past missteps with the IRS.  Instead, she was kind, understanding and informative.  Within a matter of weeks, Donna not only got us set up on a plan with the IRS, but she helped us to reduce our total tax debt by more than half and followed through in getting the tax liens released on our home.  We will be forever grateful to Donna for lifting this heavy burden off our shoulders.  We felt so comfortable with her that we now use her for our yearly tax preparation as well.  We highly recommend Donna… don’t lose another night’s sleep because the IRS is breathing down your neck.”  Call her today!

“We came to Donna several years ago after having an experience with another tax accountant that resulted in an issue with our tax return.  Donna came highly recommended as someone who demonstrates professional integrity, is knowledgeable and meticulous in her profession.   As an Enrolled Agent she is respected by tax authorities which ultimately led to a favorable result with the tax issue in our prior tax return.  Donna is very personable, spends much time listening, understanding and researching each individual’s tax situation.  Donna makes doing taxes easy.  We have been very pleased with Donna as our tax accountant.  We have benefited financially from her services with the confidence that our taxes are done accurately and audit proof.”  Thank you, Donna!

“We owe a great deal of gratitude to you Donna for the amazing work that you do.  We came to you in desperation through a recommendation from our own accountant.   It was the best decision we ever made.  Right from the beginning you lifted a weight off our shoulders in dealing with the IRS on our behalf. It was obvious that your knowledge of the IRS and taxes was vast from all your classes you attend. Not only did you get our tax debt  reduced over $70,000.00 but you taught us how to be proactive, so this does not happen ever again.  Not only are we current now but we also have a long range plan to stay in good standing with the IRS.”

We highly recommend you to everyone we know and can’t imagine anyone else doing what you did for us. Because of you we are sleeping at night again.

“Having re-entered full time ministry after more than a decade and with some challenging tax issues before me, Donna provided me with a clear, thoughtful and well informed course of action. Thank you for your expertise in the often complex world of clergy taxes and the professional manner in which you handled both the issues at hand as well as your client.”
Rev BB
Norwich, CT

“I’ve been working with Donna Perrone for over 20 years and she has been a spectacular tax accountant. She is perceptive, careful, responsible, honest, hardworking, reliable, and whatever she doesn’t know she researches – thoroughly – always seeking advice from specialists in the field. She constantly stays on top of changes in the tax code and registers for seminars for new topics so that she can remain at the top of her field. As a result, she gives excellent advice and I have referred many of my colleagues from Yale to her without hesitation. Like me, they have and continue to work with her over the years. I fully endorse Donna and highly recommend her for either big jobs or small. She treats everyone with care and attention – a wonderful feeling when having to face ‘Uncle Sam!'”
Yale University

“I have known Donna for over 14 years and have referred many of my own customers to her who have had nothing but amazing things to say about the tremendous service that she offers to them! However, no greater testament can I offer than that of myself. A year ago I received a letter from the IRS and was beside myself. My initial reaction was to immediately call Donna, the tax expert!! Donna reviewed the IRS documents, worked on a plan, took complete control of my issue and set me at ease right away!! The end result was that after Donna’s hard work, the outcome of the resolution worked in my favor AND I received a refund due to an IRS error!!

If I didn’t have Donna to help me with this, I would have unnecessarily paid an exorbitant amount of money to the IRS and would have suffered a great loss. Without Donna’s incredible tax knowledge and experience as an enrolled agent, I never would have been able to have gotten through my hurdle. I am without a doubt in debt to Donna for her tremendous work! Anyone that Donna has worked with in my world, including myself, has been more than ecstatic about the tremendous service and care that she offers. Donna is without a doubt the number ONE tax specialist of all!”
Vice President
Peoples United Bank

“Our association with Donna Perrone, as our tax preparer, began in 1992 when she was a tax preparer for a large tax preparation chain. Her service and tax knowledge impressed us from the beginning, so when she decided to go out on her own, it was an easy decision to follow her. The years with Donna have been very beneficial for both our personal taxes as well as for my business taxes. Donna has been especially helpful to us during the difficult years of putting four children through college. Her expertise with the tax code makes our financial lives more manageable.

Donna’s drive to stay current with the ever-changing tax code and her constant pursuit to a higher status in her profession has benefited us in untold ways. We highly recommend Donna to all.”
Trumbull, CT

“I’ve had my taxes prepared by Donna Perrone for over 25 years. She makes my tax filing experience better and better every year with her expertise and personal care. She goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you deserve. I highly recommend her services. I consider Donna not only my tax professional but also my good friend. She Rocks!”
New Haven, CT

“Donna has provided my family and my business with top notch tax expertise for over 15 years. She is the consummate professional and has managed our taxes in all types of environments including multiple state tax returns,  mid year changes, various financial transactions and my business returns. I have total confidence in Donna and have been pleased that she has handled all the complexities for us. I would definitely recommend Donna Perrone.”
Palm Coast, FL

“Not only is she dedicated to her many tax clients, Donna Perrone is dedicated to serving on many ministries at St. Mary Church. I first availed myself of Donna Perrone’s service in 2000. She requested my three prior year returns for review, which she promptly amended. I received substantial refunds for all three years! Since that time, she has continued to study tax laws for clergy and has done a stellar job with my returns, with a refund for each year. I strongly recommend her services to all my brother-priests!”
Rev RB
St. Mary’s Church
Branford, CT

“Donna Perrone is a well informed and very competent income tax preparer. She is up to date in the ever changing tax laws and especially in preparing clergy tax returns. I have found her to be extremely helpful in preparing my annual tax returns. I would highly recommend her.”
Rev GS
St. Gregory Church
Bristol, CT

“Through some very lengthy and complex negotiations for my Offer in Compromise with the IRS, Donna helped me save a substantial amount of money. She is a very knowledgeable tax professional with high integrity and always produces great results. It’s nice to have her to rely on when it comes to IRS issues and taxes in general.”
Satisfied client
Sales – Insurance
Branford, CT

“Donna has taken care of our taxes for 25 years. She is an efficient and conscientious professional whose expertise and advice has been invaluable to us as we trusted her to always look out for our interests. We highly recommend Donna for tax preparation.”
Trauma Surgeon
Guilford, CT

“I am so thankful to have Donna Perrone as part of the team of professionals I count on to run my small business. She is dependable, responsive, and always looking out for my best interest. Thank you!”
Residential Construction
North Branford, CT

“Donna is extremely reliable, efficient and knowledgeable. She has taken care of us like family for twenty nine years and through several geographical relocations. Her expertise in working with us on tax returns from multiple states has been impressive. I highly recommend her services.”
Pearland, Texas

Our 2014 taxes were done by Donna Perrone.  It was a delight working with her from initial contact right up to when we picked up the finished tax returns.  She was superb!
Satisfied Client
Branford, CT

Donna Perrone was the consummate professional while possessing a terrific grace and non-threatening approach.  She explained everything she did and how she arrived at the final figures.  Both my wife and I agreed that using Donna Perrone was the best accounting experience we’d ever had and we will continue to use her services.  The taxes were completed in 24 hours, the fee was beyond fair, and everything was clear.  Donna Perrone is the best accountant we’ve ever used…there is no need to look at anyone else.
Branford, CT

We had just moved to Connecticut and needed help to file our taxes from 2 states, deduct moving costs, and home office expenses. Donna was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She answered all our questions, provided guidance, and completed our 2 state and federal tax returns quickly. She was very easy to communicate with and answered emails promptly. The cost was very reasonable. I recommend Donna to anyone looking for professional tax preparation service in the greater New Haven area.
Yale University